Fitness Tips

Hi! My name is Brittany Stone and I care about health. I want people to be happy and that often comes from a place of health, whether that’s focusing on:

  • Physical Health,
  • Mental Health, or
  • Emotional Health

But often it’s a combination of all three.

This blog will consist of fitness explanations and tips that I’ve learned along my own journey to health so I hope that it helps you – yes, you reading this now.

Sport & Fitness Images Royalty Free Stock Photos | rawpixel
Have a set aside space dedicated
to your fitness

I’ll write about mobility practices and physical prehab exercises to prevent injuries. Mental health is highly tied into physical fitness so I’ll come out with motivation tips to keep your journey going and anatomy explanations in a workout context to provide understanding and hopefully prevent frustrations from stopping your practice.

I’m also really friendly! So if there’s a topic you’re interesting in, just shoot me an email and I’ll research and write it out for you. This is not a blog of overbearing preachy fitness, this blog is for you! Interesting, educational pieces that you actually want to read. I want this to be a conversation, a discourse between guide and student. The whole point is that I care and want everyone to succeed in their fitness goals! Let’s do this!

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