Yoga Classes


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Mondays and Wednesdays

8:00 am EST – Yoga HIIT
9:00 am EST – Kids Yoga (Theme 1)
10:00 am EST – Splits Yoga
(Mondays: Front Splits)
(Wednesdays: Middle Splits)

Tuesdays and Thursdays

11:00 am EST – Kids Yoga (Theme 2)
12:00 pm EST – Computer Rehab
1:00 pm EST – Splits Yoga
(Tuesdays: Middle Splits)
(Thursdays: Front Splits)



High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) uses short energy bursts followed by a brief break to breathe. In terms of fat burning and muscle building, this style of training offers incredible gains.

First thing in the morning, what better way to energize your day than with Yoga HIIT! This dynamic yoga practice is in three parts: all-body warmup and cooldown, 15 minutes core concentration, and 15 minutes glutes work. This class is for your abs and ass. It’ll be tough but you’ll be glad you did it!

Computer Rehab

Do you game a lot? Do you have a desk job that ties you to your computer for 8+ hours a day? Are you shoulders hunched? Do your wrists ache? Not to call you out, but this class is just what you need.

This lunchtime yoga session will break up the monotony of your day with some much needed stretching. Shoulder openers, spine stretches, and wrist warmups are the focus of this class. A little bit of movement can go a long way to helping you feel better in your body and this yoga session with do just that.

Splits Yoga

Are you a runner? Do your legs feel stiff? If you have limited movement in your legs, then working on your splits will help with that. If want to unlock your splits or feel better in your body, check out this class!

To achieve your splits, the focus is all about lower body mobility: hip openers, hamstring stretches, and quad extenders. Using both active and passive stretching, this class will focus on either front splits or middle splits to give you the chance to work on what you want.

Kids Yoga

Is your kid at home and full of energy?? This yoga session is aimed for kids ages 8 and younger, but kids of all ages are welcome! Yoga is a lifelong practice so give your child the best start!

Each class focuses on a theme: animals, emotions, holidays, etc. Twice a week, I will use the same yoga practice as children benefit from repetition. I also use visual aids to help kids learn about movement in an engaging and meaningful way.

Private Sessions

Private Mat-Based Yoga
Get the attention that you deserve!

If you’re looking to achieve
crazy fitness goals like
headstands and splits,
then sign up for Private Yoga!

There are tons of online yoga classes but those classes are not tailored to you and your needs. With one-to-one yoga lessons (online or in-person), you will get the attention and advice you need to push you to your goals. Whether you want a traditional vinyasa class or a more relaxing yin practice, I am qualified to give the yoga session you need.

1 Hour: $12

Private Aerial Yoga
Take your fitness routine to the sky!

If you’re local and adventurous enough to want to experience
then Aerial Yoga is for you!

If you’re looking to support traditional yoga practices, then the yoga trapeze provides therapeutic benefits for back relief and spinal traction. If you want an entirely new experience from mat-based yoga, then the yoga hammock defies gravity to create exciting new poses! I am trained in both aerial yoga disciplines so I’ll give you the right practice.

1 Hour: $20

Private Pole Fitness
Challenge yourself to feel powerful!

If you’re local and looking for
a new fitness routine to build
strength and confidence,
then Pole Fitness is for you!

If you’ve never done pole fitness before, then this is the place to start. Pole fitness is an all-body workout: upper-body strength, lower-body engagement, you need every muscle to carry your bodyweight through multiple planes. Whether you want to learn cool upside-down tricks or build confidence in your movements, try pole fitness today!

1 Hour: $20

Schedule a Private Practice
(Online or In-Person)
Cocoa, FL 32927


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