Payment Package Options

Stream Yoga Classes
Private Yoga Sessions
Private Aerial Sessions

Whether you’re looking for monthly classes or private sessions,
yoga or aerial fitness, in-person or online practice,
there’s an option for you!

Class Packages

Stream Subscription

Watch my weekly online classes through Twitch. Create a free Twitch account, then follow my channel. For a limited time, view my classes for free!

Offer will not last long!

Private Mat-Based Class Pass

Buy a three-hour block of private mat-based yoga classes: in-person or online. Option to split the time block however you’d like: three 1-hour practices, two 90-minute sessions, or four 45-minute classes.


Private Aerial Fitness Package

Buy a three-hour block of private Aerial Fitness practice, classes can be online or in-person. Option to learn either aerial yoga or pole fitness. $20 per hour for equipment and private instruction.


Interested in buying your own aerial fitness gear? Check out Uplift Active!


Tabitha, on Private Yoga Classes:

I am not a yoga person, or even a fit person in general, but Brittany changed all that! Her smile and positive attitude helped motivate me to get up and not give up. She was extremely flexible with my schedule and worked to my fitness level so I could flow through the yoga moves more easily and with more confidence.

Brittany is willing to work at your level and adjust as needed, which is great if you are a beginner or intermediate! I enjoyed the classes and will be happily working with her in the future! I highly suggest taking her classes!

Brooke, on Private Aerial Yoga:

A very different way to exercise, something I had never done before. The upside-down moves made the blood rush to my head but I quickly got used to the feeling and my back did feel better afterwards. I would recommend taking Brittany’s classes to anyone on the fence about it!

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