Brittany Stone

When the pandemic struck, my plans completely changed. I found myself at home feeling stuck and frustrated and powerless. I wanted to work on something with visible results. My fitness was something that I could control so I created a practice to find strength and build confidence. I have been attending pole fitness classes since 2017 and aerial fitness classes since 2019, but yoga was a new practice for me that completely changed my outlook on fitness and wellness. With nothing to rely on but my own body, yoga has given me new goals to work on and a new perspective. Between yoga and pole fitness, I have a new commitment to my health and I bring that passion to my clients. It is because of the pandemic that I pushed myself to become certified in these fields to share appreciation for what your body can do for you.

What I Do

Vinyasa Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Flexibility Yoga

Pole Fitness

My Credentials

Vinyasa Yoga, YogaBody (2021)
Yoga Alliance Approved
200 Hour Certificate in Traditional Yoga

Gravity Yoga, YogaBody (2020)
Yoga Alliance Approved
50 Hour Certificate in Flexibility Yoga

Pole Level 1 & 2, XPERT Fitness (2021)
American Council on Exercise (ACE) Approved
16 Hour Certificate in Pole Fitness

Trapeze Yoga, YogaBody (2020)
Yoga Alliance Approved
50 Hour Certificate in Anti-Gravity Yoga

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