What is Fascia? Active vs. Passive Stretching

There are many benefits to being flexible: having confidence in your body’s capabilities, experiencing less restrictive movements, and of course being able to show off impressive poses like the splits. However, for most people, stretching is not something that comes easily. Unless you joined a bendy sport as a kid (like dance or cheerleading orContinue reading “What is Fascia? Active vs. Passive Stretching”

What is Yoga? How is it Helpful?

When people hear the word “yoga”, there are immediate (and often negative) connotations that come to mind: slow, intimating, weak. Yoga is a movement practice and everyone can benefit from movement. What most people do not realize is just how inclusive and personal a yoga practice can be. Yoga is beneficial and diverse, there isContinue reading “What is Yoga? How is it Helpful?”